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  • Expenses Incurred: GHS12,000
  • Profit Generated: GHS19,000
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All your business activities in one suite

Record Keeping

Seamless inventory management and business growth. Keep track of your invoices (pending, draft, due, overdue & paid invoices) and track payments.

Business Marketing

We integrated third-party marketing tools to help you boost your business. XtraKit assists you with strategic business marketing ads on all social media platforms.

Customer Engagement

Engaging with your customers becomes easy. Contact your customers directly by SMS & Email. Send reminders on pending payments.

Business Invoicing

With the press of a button, you can create professional invoices. Customize invoice templates to fit your identity, from adding your company logo to changing colours.

  • Payment Reminders

    Reminders help alert customers of due and overdue invoices.

  • Customized Invoice

    With a well-structured design, your invoice will always look great.

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Inventory Management

Organize your inventory by using SKUs, product images, seller information, cost, and stock levels to help you keep track of what you have.

  • Items

    List all your products in your shop or market with price & quantity in stock.

  • Services

    List all your services you render to your customer with pricing.

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Enhanced Customer Management

Customers will be more interested in your project if you communicate with them and keep them informed. Relationships develop because to features like the Client Portal, Comments, Project Collaboration, File Sharing, and more.

  • Groups

    Categorize all your customers into groups and manage them properly.

  • Messaging

    Send Email or SMS messages to specific customers of your choice.

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Easily accept digital payments from your customers

With automatic payments, XtraKit offers your customers a wide range of payment options, including credit cards, mobile money, payment links, and more. You get paid twice as quickly when paying invoices is this simple.

  • Payment Links

    Create payment links with payment options for your customers.

  • Mobile Money

    Receive payments via mobile money depending on your country.

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HR & Payroll

XtraHR is designed to support employees, respond to changes fast, & make HR administration efficient. Pay your workers smoothly with our payroll feature, easily recruit new talents after successful onboarding into your company.

  • Recruit

    A step-by-step way of recruiting and onboarding new employees.

  • Payroll

    Fast way to your payroll when you want to make payment.


What's New

A modern way of marketing

We integrated third-party marketing tools to help you boost your business.

  • Automated Emails

    Automated email marketing reminds customers of the products they liked, offer related goods, personal discounts, and more. The emails are sent in response to customers' actions and timely encourage them to come back and buy.

  • SMS Messaging

    Send automated SMS notifications to your customers about transactions, payments and reminders.

  • Social Marketing

    Advertise your products / services to people who have displayed interest in similar products. Launch an automated ad campaign in 5 minutes right from your XtraKit’s dashboard.

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Insights and Analytics

With XtraKits, you can turn data into insights. View dashboards, reports, and visualizations for all of your receivables, inventories, and other financial information. Make conclusions from your report data to develop solid, up-to-date business strategies.

  • Sales Analytics

    We give you good insight into all your sales and sales returns.

  • Expenses Analytics

    We give you a presentable chart to display your monthly spending.

  • Inventory Analytics

    Keep track of all your products & services and always get alert when running out of stock.

  • Customer Analytics

    Customer growth is one of the most vital aspects of every business. We present you with a good relationship with your customers.

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What Our Customers Say

Our customer experience is just the best you could ever imagine.

Alfred Nkansah
Founder & CEO, Plugnom
A Product Well-Built!
Having witnessed the evolution of this remarkable product and drawing from my own experience with it, I'm convinced that it will undoubtedly revolutionize African businesses.
Queenie Kessie
Founder & CEO, EMAS Agency
Great Accounting Software
Thanks to XtraKit, managing finances has become a breeze. It covers everything from invoicing to expense tracking, freeing up time to focus on business growth.
Emmanuel Nkansah.
Founder & CEO, Litstore GH
Amazing by the First Version.
This product is robust and incredibly beneficial, particularly in terms of managing my ecommerce inventory and effortlessly recording all my sales in one go.


Integrations That Help You Run Your Business

XtraKit integrates with various apps to help your business grow faster.

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    Google Drive
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    Office 365

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