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  • Major Update

    Version Upgrade 2.0

    Making XtraKit more easy to use and navigate, we introduced new tables and menus to help you achieve your work faster. We have improved the system to be fast when you query data.
    4th Dec 2023

  • Update

    Product Management

    You can now add categories, units and warehouses to your product, which will later be featured on the XtraPOS.
    24th Jun 2023

  • Update

    Task Scheduler

    You can now automatically receive email alerts reminding you of inactive accounts within 30 days, invoices due, subscription expiry and other reminders. We are making automation to become the best on XtraKit.
    11th May 2023

  • Update

    Getting Started

    We just added the "getting started" feature on the dashboard to help fresh users navigate faster and simple.
    5th Sep 2022

  • Update

    Report System

    We just updated the reporting system of XtraKit to give you better results when accounting for your business.
    3rd Sep 2022

  • Update

    Minor Bug Fixes

    Due to few customer feedbacks we have upgraded some features and fix some bugs to make XtraKit better. Enjoy
    2nd Sep 2022

  • Update

    New Released! (Version 1.0)

    XtraKit just launched version 1.0 of their business solution - Check it Out!
    1st Sep 2022

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