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Last Updated: September 1, 2022

This Privacy Statement Statement applies to (i) the XtraKit website: (the "Site"), (ii) any other website owned and operated by CodeXtra Africa that hosts this Privacy Statement (along with our affiliates and subsidiaries and any future affiliates or subsidiaries, collectively, "XtraKit," "we," "us," "our," and terms of similar meaning) (such other websites are, for purposes of this Privacy Statement, included in the definitions of It explains the data we gather about you as part of how our site functions normally as well as how we disclose and protect this data. Additionally, it outlines your options for how to use, access, and correct your personal information.

You expressly consent to the collection, use, and sharing of your personal information by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy by accepting the Privacy Policy upon registration or by accessing and using the Site. Our Terms of Service are governed by and incorporate this Privacy Policy.

The following terminology is used to describe various sorts of site visitors throughout this privacy statement. Both of our client's customers are referred to as "Subscribers" and "Customers" respectively. The individuals to whom Subscribers grant "staff" access on the Site are referred to as "staff" in our terminology. These people are collectively referred to in this Privacy Policy as "Users" of our Site, together with registered users of our forum or other interactive portions of the Site.

XtraKit may also offer other websites, software, and other services accessible by or through those websites, software, or websites. These Terms also apply to the websites, programs, and services that are included in the definitions of "site," "application," and "services" for purposes of these Terms (including the XtraKit Privacy Policy referred to in Section 1 below).


What Information Do We Collect?

Our main goal in gathering personal data from you is to give you a secure, hassle-free, effective, and individualized experience. This enables us to tailor our service to fit your unique demands and give services and features that are most likely to satisfy them. Only the personal data about you that we deem relevant for achieving this goal is collected by us.

You can generally browse the Site without identifying yourself to us or disclosing any personal information about yourself. As stated on the application forms on the Site, we may ask you for certain contact and identity information, billing information, and other personal information once you register as a User (which varies, depending on what kind of User you are). On these forms, we try to make it clear which fields are necessary and which ones are optional.

Additionally, you may occasionally enter or give us personal information when you use the website. For instance, as a Subscriber, you can input your own timesheet and other billing details, and as a Customer, you can enter details about paying any invoices filed by a Subscriber. As you use the Site, you may occasionally enter personal data regarding third parties that is pertinent to the services we offer. For instance, if you are a Subscriber, you may enter personal data about your clients or employees in the course of the services.

You can always opt not to supply information by opting not to register as a User or by choosing not to use the specific website function for which the information is being gathered.

We obtain your credit card details for billing purposes if you are a Subscriber. Additionally, we gather and keep your credit card information for payment reasons if you are a Customer who wants to make recurring payments to a Subscriber.

In order to offer you content from our partners while maintaining the appearance and feel of our website, some of our sites where personal data is gathered use framing techniques. Please be aware that you are giving these third parties—and not—your personal information (in each case the relevant third party will be identified to you via that section of the website).

In order to improve our current services and initiatives, we may additionally engage third-party firms to process personal information as necessary.

XtraKit and our partners (such as those in advertising, marketing, and analytics), affiliates, or other service providers employ technology like cookies and similar technologies. These technologies are employed for trend analysis, website administration, tracking user behaviour on the site, and gathering broad demographic data about our user base. We could get information about how these firms, both individually and collectively, employ these techniques.

Cookies help us perform website experiments, remember user preferences, save login information, authenticate users, and store analytics information. The usage of cookies can be managed by users at the browser level. You can still use our site if you reject cookies, but you might have fewer options for using certain of its features or sections.

We collaborate with a third party to either handle our advertising on other websites or show it on our website. In order to deliver you ads based on your browsing habits and interests, our third-party partner may use technologies like cookies to collect information about your activity on this site and other websites. You may set your settings by clicking here if you'd rather not have this information used to serve you adverts based on your interests. To be clear, this does not prevent you from receiving advertisements. You will keep getting general advertisements.

You could occasionally get phone calls from us or our chosen third-party service provider. These calls may be monitored, recorded, kept, and used for the reasons stated in them, as indicated by us and with your approval.


What we do with your information

We use your personal information to: provide you with the services offered by the Site; resolve service and billing disputes; troubleshoot issues; bill any amounts owed by you; assess consumer interest in our products and services; keep you informed about offers, products, services, events, and updates both online and offline; provide you with information that, in some cases, is relevant to your interests, such as product news; personalize your experience, and identify and protect us against potential threats. We occasionally contact our Users via email or other contact information to solicit feedback on our services, to share media possibilities with them.

Additionally, we may use the personal data we have about you to enhance our advertising and marketing campaigns, evaluate how visitors use the site, enhance our content and product offers, and modify the Site's features and offerings. These procedures involve automated decision-making and data profiling. In order to give you a seamless, effective, secure, and personalized experience when using the Site, the usage is intended to enhance the Site and the XtraKit application and better adapt it to match your needs.


Sharing of Your Information

Your personal information will only be shared or disclosed with third parties in the methods outlined in this privacy statement, including the following:

Subscribers and Customers Information: In the regular course of the Site, applicable Customers are given access to the applicable Subscriber's timesheets, invoices, and customer information (including data entered by "staff" members). Generally speaking, any information you put on the Site is accessible to anybody else — whether they be Customers, Subscribers, staff members, or anyone else — to whom you grant access to your account or via the usual course of the Site.

Payment Information: In order to process payments you make on the Site through our payment processor intermediaries, we use credit card information as well as other personally identifiable information (such as payment processor email addresses) that you supply to us on the website. Unless the Subscriber or their Customers choose to enter credit card information for use in the XtraKit recurring profiles module, we do not store credit card or other payment method information. In all other circumstances, our payment processors are entirely and solely responsible for the storage of credit card and payment information. For risk management and fraud protection, we could also divulge personally identifiable information to the middlemen that handle our payment processors.

Related third-party products and services: We may occasionally provide you with the chance to get complementary or related goods and services to the ones we provide through the Site. You may, for instance, be able to ask third parties for financial services or products, such as loans. Only if you opt to purchase their goods or services will we provide your information to such third parties (or to be assessed for eligibility to receive such products or services). In the event that you decide to ask for such goods or services, we shall communicate your information to the pertinent third party on your behalf in order to deliver the goods or services you have asked for. We have no control over how these third parties use, store, retain, process, or disclose your information, thus this privacy statement will not apply to them. We advise you to carefully consider these papers before obtaining their goods or services since your connection with these third parties will often be governed by their own terms and conditions as well as privacy policies or statements.

Aggregated Data: For analytical reasons, we shall generate statistical, aggregated data about our users and the Service. Aggregated data is information that does not personally identify any individual, is generated from Personal Information, and is collected by XtraKit from various sources in aggregated, anonymous form. We utilize aggregate information, according to relevant laws and regulations, to learn more about our customers and to create, enhance, and/or promote our services. We might provide aggregate data to outside parties.

Forum: Your username and any other information you submit while posting on our forum or blog are visible to the public and are consequently made public by doing so. Your User ID will be able to identify any action you take in the forum's public areas, and other users will be able to see any published content. If you publish personal information in our forum or blog and would like it deleted, please get in touch with us using the support contact details provided below and on the website. Additionally, a third-party service that manages our blog comments system may ask you to register before you can submit a remark. If you wish the private information that was posted in the comments area deleted, you must contact or log into the third-party application. Please see the privacy statement of the third-party commenting application to discover how they utilize your information.

Subsidiaries, Affiliates, and Service Providers: In the process of running the Site, we may occasionally employ the services of affiliates, subsidiaries, and other service providers, and we may divulge personal data to them in the course of doing so. To host the functioning of the Site, for instance, we could employ third-party hosting services. This might entail hosting data, possibly including personal data, on servers run by such hosting businesses. We take care to only work with service providers who meet our standards for reliability, have security precautions that are at least as good as our own, and can meet your expectations for managing sensitive data.

Legal Requests and Business Transitions, Emergencies: In some circumstances, including fulfilling national security or law enforcement obligations, XtraKit may be forced to provide personal data in response to authorized demands by governmental authorities. XtraKit may disclose your personal information in the following circumstances: (a) to any governmental agency as part of an investigation to determine our compliance with any applicable law, rule, or regulation (including privacy laws, rules, and regulations); (b) in response to a court order, subpoena, discovery request, or other lawful judicial or administrative proceedings; (c) as otherwise required or permitted under any applicable law, rule, or regulation; and (d) in good faith, to protect or deter illegal. Any time there is a change in ownership, use, or disclosure of your personal information, you will get an email and/or a conspicuous notice on our website informing you of this change, as well as any options you may have regarding your personal information.

  • In order to participate in our mobile SMS/texting program, you must have your consent, which XtraKit will not buy, sell, rent, or share.

Please contact our team at for further information on the particular ways in which third parties have used our data, as well as a list of the partner companies with which Aggregate Information may be shared.


Your Use of Information About Other People

You may, under certain conditions, provide other Users restricted access to the personal data of others in order to support the services offered by the Site. For instance, if you are a Subscriber, you may utilize the Site to grant a staff member access to the private data of your clients. By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you represent and warrant that you have obtained all necessary permissions and rights to collect, use, and disclose the personal information of others that you do so on the Site in the ways set forth in this Privacy Statement from time to time, and you represent and warrant that the indemnity you provide to us in the Terms of Service shall apply to any non-compliance by you with the foregoing. We will need your friend's name and email information if you decide to utilize our referral program to let a friend know about our website. Your buddy will receive a one-time email invitation to visit the site from us automatically. For the sole purpose of delivering this one-time email, monitoring the effectiveness of our referral program, and adhering to legal requirements, XtraKit retains this information. If your friend would like us to delete this information from our records, please have them get in touch with us at


Other Information Collectors

This document exclusively deals with the use and sharing of the information we obtain from you, unless otherwise specifically stated in this Privacy Policy. Different guidelines may apply to the use, collection, and sharing of the personal information you give to others through the Site, whether they be Subscribers, Customers, or someone else entirely. You are subject to the privacy rules of third parties because we have no control over their information usage, collecting, or disclosure practices. Before giving out your personal information to outsiders, we urge you to make inquiries.


Correcting, Updating, and Transferring Your Personal Information

XtraKit will notify you of the personal information we hold about you upon written request. You can log in to your account to make the changes and review, remove, and check that your personal information is accurate, or you can email us at Within a fair amount of time, usually within one month of receiving your request, we will answer you. To better assist us in fulfilling your request, we might need further information from you. For example, we might need to see proof of identification from the government before we can give you personal information.


Account Deletion

Millions of people are connected through the sophisticated business network known as XtraKit. Contractors, businesses, and consumers are all included in the business eco-system that is managed by XtraKit. This network depends on the sharing and exchanging of data that is crucial to other members of your network. For the employees who work with you, tracked hours, submitted invoices, paid invoices, and contractor invoices are all essential. These serve as the formal record of work completed and payments made.

Because of the system's complexity and interconnectedness, this history must last for as long as is necessary to support effective operation and accounting for the other systems to which you have connected via contracting hours, invoices, and estimates. When information is no longer needed for the service to operate properly, XtraKit will take reasonable steps to ensure that it is removed legally and will take any requests for deletion into account.

If a client decides to end their account, we will delete their information from our billing and marketing databases. This will guarantee that the user who has cancelled will not get any more mailings or bills.


Data Retention

As long as your account is open and active or as long as it's necessary to offer you services, we'll keep your information on file.

We want to keep your information for as long as it takes to comply with legal requirements and generally accepted accounting principles, settle disagreements, and uphold our agreements. This retention term can continue beyond the time when you close your account.

The kind of data will determine the criteria used to establish retention periods. The temporary cookie data of a web visitor may not be maintained at all, however, data pertinent to accounting information will be kept for at least 7 years.


Contact Us

We aim to make our privacy policies simple to comprehend. Please send an email to our data protection representatives at the following address if you have any inquiries or worries, or would like more information:

XtraKit Team

+233 30 298 1736

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